Cable Machine Ankle Straps

The cable kickback machine is there to make your booty burn, not your ankles. The problem is traditional ankle cable attachments aren’t built for women. They are either too big, cheaply made, or not adjustable enough to get the right fit for you. If you are tired of friction burns, cable ankle straps that constantly slip, or cheap ankle straps that snap mid-workout, we can help!

Our cable kickback ankle strap is exactly what you need to keep the burn on your booty, and nowhere else! With our female-focused sizing and a velcro-adjustable build, you can get the fit you need for a slip-free workout! These ankle straps are also built to be super durable. That means the rings will stay attached no matter how hard you work them!



  • Ultra-durable ankle straps designed specifically for women
  • Easy to adjust velcro design for easy use and better workouts
  • Unbeatable comfort with thick inner padding
  • Durable build that lasts through the longest gym sessions


Customer Experience - Kyla M.

I’m a gym addict who was tired of coming home twice a week with friction burns on my ankles. The problem wasn’t the cable machine, it was the ankle strap! Every gym I’ve ever been in has straps that are too big or poorly made.

Trust me when I tell you there is NOTHING worse than having that metal ring rip off mid-workout!

A friend referred me to Perfect Peach Athletics, said their cable ankle straps were the best! Now I’ve bought ankle straps before and gotten burned. Most ankle straps are poorly built and not sized for women. Or worse, they say they are sized for women, but they are just the men’s design made smaller.

So I took her advice with a grain of salt.

My take on Perfect Peach Athletics' cable ankle strap?

They're amazing! These things were clearly built with women in mind. The shape and size is perfect, the adjustable velcro makes getting the exact fit easy, and the inner padding means I can work out for hours without worry.

If you’ve been looking for a great pair of ankle straps - I can't recommend these enough!