Non-Slip Hip Band

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  • $29.99

Your booty is built to bend to be the strongest part of your body. That’s why traditional latex hip bands that slip all the time and are too light won’t do. Your glutes need to know from first flex to final set they are getting the challenge they need to grow. Thankfully we can help.

With our Non-Slip Hip Band, you get a hip circle band built from fabric that feels as solid as it looks. The perfectly placed non-slip inner lining provides the slip-free experience you need to keep your booty burning all session long. The best part? The fabric build provides the ‘next-level’ challenge you need to finally see those next-level gains!


  • Non-slip design delivers the interruption-free workout you want!
  • Fabric build provides more challenging workouts that stays in place and feels comfortable.
  • Comes with a FREE ebook detailing the different workouts possible with the bands.

Customer Experience - Kathryn W. 

I started my fitness journey a couple of years ago and am addicted to glute workouts! Not only does the burn stay with you all day - but the gains are good enough to make all the effort worth it!

One thing I've always struggled with is finding a non-slip resistance band that really challenges me. Most slip and roll while you use them so you keep having to stop your workout to fix them. 

Or even worse - the latex is so thin that I don't feel anything at all.

Then I found the Non-Slip Fabric Hip Band from Perfect Peach Athletics.

Honestly, I was a little worried - this is wayyyy cheaper than other bands on the market. I ended up taking the plunge because of all the great reviews.

The result?


Not only did this lovely lady fit just right, but it provided more resistance than a regular latex band - enough so that my butt’s still sore days later!

True to form, the band didn’t slip, bunch up, or slide off-even though I ended up wearing short workout shorts and sweated all over them.

If you’ve been struggling to find a hip circle matched to your size that provides an actual challenge, then you are going to love Perfect Peach Athletics hip circle!