Resistance Bands Multi-Pack

Your booty matters. It’s a gym-grown machine shaped to look good and stay strong. Because of that, you deserve better than traditional resistance bands that break mid-workout, bunch up while using, and pinch your skin. That’s where we come in.

Our glute growing resistance band multi-pack is the answer. These fun colored, soft to the touch, and ultra-durable workout bands provide the challenge you need to make even the biggest booty burn. Your order comes with 5 gym bands in different levels of resistance and color, as well as an easy to transport mesh bag that makes transportation a cinch! See for yourself why we are the resistance band female athletes turn to when they want real results!


  • Our resistance bands are built ultra-durable for the hardest workouts.
  • The 5 bands feature different levels of resistance - so you get the workout you want every time.
  • Gym bands that ACTUALLY look cute and feel good while you use them.
  • Comes with a FREE ebook detailing the different workouts possible with the bands.

Customer Experience - Madison M.

I’m a big booty fitness fanatic whose ripped through just about every resistance band on the market.

That’s why I was excited when I FINALLY got my Perfect Peach Athletics Resistance Bands in the mail. I had been stalking the site, checking out the reviews, and seeing all the cute IG photos and finally decided to pull the trigger. The result?

Let me tell you.

First, these things are adorable! I know color doesn’t really matter, but it was nice to get bands in non-traditional gym colors that looked cute!  

Second, the bands are pliable and soft to the touch. When I first felt them, I was honestly a little worried they’d snap like all the other bands-they felt that good. After a week of putting these bands through five different training sessions, I can tell you the reviews are REAL. These things hold up under the harshest conditions!

Finally, the different levels of resistance that the bands come in was a GREAT touch! I’m a little shorter than the average girl so being able to slide into a set of gym bands that weren’t stretching me to the max was a treat. 

My final take? 

Five out of five, no question! If you are looking for resistance bands that will stand up to the roughest conditions, look good, and feel nice to the touch, then you’ll love these!